Hi there! This blog will mostly be shared by me, Bridget, but sometimes Shawn will chime in as well. We are by no means blog experts and we are just starting out by sharing what we can offer to inspire you guys on your own journey. I hope you enjoy it!

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Escape the Heat

Since we live in the Coachella Valley, we take every opportunity to get out of the summer heat! This will be our third summer in the desert and I am not sure I can take another. Not only is it super hot, there is not much to do with kids outdoors other than swim inContinue reading “Escape the Heat”

Beach Day Blessings

I miss beach days like this! I (Bridget) used to live in Marina Del Rey for 5 years as a single mother. I gravitated towards other single moms and we created amazing friendships that have lasted all these years. I love to put together gatherings with us, whether it was at my house, the parkContinue reading “Beach Day Blessings”


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