About us

Hello! Thank you for visiting our page! We are Shawn and Bridget and we have four kids ages 11, 10, 3, 2. Shawn and I met in 2015, married after two months quietly and jumped right into building our family. We each had a daughter from previous relationships, and now we have two little ones together. We never took a honeymoon but used the money we got for our wedding to invest in a travel trailer. We knew that was a better investment than a weeks vacation and our entire family could enjoy adventures for years to come. We lived in Los Angeles at the time and every chance we got to escape, we did! We loved getting out of the city and soon realized we never wanted to go back. The RV life has meant so much to us, from financial ability to take our kids on trips, to adventures we would have never thought to take without an RV. These were trips we dreamed of but had no idea how to make it all happen. Once we got our first RV, we were hooked! And the rest is history.

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