Escape the Heat

Since we live in the Coachella Valley, we take every opportunity to get out of the summer heat! This will be our third summer in the desert and I am not sure I can take another. Not only is it super hot, there is not much to do with kids outdoors other than swim in the pool. So we took advantage of the midweek hotel fees, and went to Big Bear lake for one night. We left super early the morning of so by the time we get home the next night it seems like we were gone for three days! We packed in a lot on this trip. We went to the zoo which is such a cool place. It’s small and you are right next to these beautiful animals! After that we hit up every park we could find! Parks are closed in our county, so our kids had a blast! I forgot the umbrella so we did not get to sit at the lake like I had wanted but I will save that for the next trip and maybe rent a boat for the day 🙂 I would love to move to the mountains one day. Does anyone own a mountain house? I am curious what the pros and cons are. I can google it but I would love to hear from you!

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