Beach Day Blessings

I miss beach days like this! I (Bridget) used to live in Marina Del Rey for 5 years as a single mother. I gravitated towards other single moms and we created amazing friendships that have lasted all these years. I love to put together gatherings with us, whether it was at my house, the park or the beach! Since I currently live in the desert (2.5 hours away from the beach), we took advantage of being closer this week at our RV resort. So I picked up our two older girls and we met everyone at the beach. I haven’t seen everyone together like this in about 5 years and it was the best feeling. I felt a little regret leaving the over priced house I was renting in the Marina Del Rey area but LA rental prices are out of control for the average income. So I promised all my mom friends we would do this beach day once a month. I have to keep these kids bonded in these crazy times and allow them some familiarity and fun. The temperature was 70 degrees. I thought to myself, well I live in the Palm Springs area where it is 114, I can take 70 degrees anyday! Well I forgot that in the desert I cover my face with a hat every day and so I burned my face at the beach smh. We went to eat at our favorite outdoor restaurant and had a blast. I can’t wait for the next beach day! The picture below shows the top picture from 5 years ago, the bottom from this weekend. Love seeing them grow!

My daughter Samaya is on the left, my husbands daughter, Kennedi, is next to her, their adorable friend Caleb is in the middle, and the besties Basia and Abi are on the right. Love them all!

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