Learning to Swim – Check!

While the RV is in the shop we are staying local and our 3 year old son is getting swim lessons! Today he figured out how to actually put his head under and swim and we are so proud of him! He was so excited and I loved seeing the look on his face after he realized what he is capable of. This was his fourth lesson. I work with him during the week until the instructor comes back so that helps I am sure. But one thing to be cautious about is they sure get over confident REAL quick! He decided to try and sneak swim under the mat and realized real quick that was a bad idea! I yanked him out and told him he was not to do that. He watches his older sisters do it so I know why he wants to try but no no little buddy, not yet! Parents, always be on the lookout and keep telling them they are never to go in the pool without you!

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