Quarantined summer

This summer has had its challenges due to Covid but we have tried to make the best of it. We are also trying to find any way to get out of the desert heat and into cooler areas. We have a membership to an RV resort in the San Bernardino Forest and most of the time it is much cooler. Since we do not get charged to go in our RV, we have gone at least 4 weeks this summer. Our kids absolutely love it and it is like a second home for us. So much for the kids to do and explore, and did I say it’s free?! We definitely try to take advantage of it as much as we can during these uncertain times. This week, it is 95 out there, so it does not make sense to leave the desert for more hot weather. So right now the RV is in the shop getting some things fixed. I am dreaming of the next trip we can take and trying to be patient waiting for the dealership to call and tell us it’s ready. The RV is really the only thing for us to use to get out and do anything, so we are so thankful to have some an amazing outlet. Taking your own home with you has been amazing and we have not worried at all about germs in our rv.

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Join us on our journey of RV life and 4 kids!

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