To RV or not to RV

Our family, (myself Bridget, husband Shawn and 4 kids ages 11, 10, 3, 2) of 6 is on this adventure to find out of the box experiences and have the guts to do it. We have been married for 5 years. Just a short time for so many adventures and so many kids. Trying to figure out a new marriage along with new babies and tween girls is challenging to say the least. That may be for another blog post though.

I am a dreamer. I have a perception of how I want the future to look. Will I find it, who knows. But I love this tiny living movement and everything it represents. I need something outside of the box, something exciting and intriguing. I refuse to fall into the every day suburban bubble and struggle to pay for it when you rarely know your neighbors anymore. When we got married my dad gave me money to put towards our wedding. Well I used it to put towards our RV honeymoon. We never got a real honeymoon with just us, maybe one day, but for now we wanted to do something for us and the kids so we put that money down on our first RV, a 28 ft. Winnebago Travel Trailer. We had a Chevy Tahoe and we made it work. Our girls were younger then and were so excited. We had New Years Eve parties in it, glamping adventures, and tons of memories. We knew it was going to be too small once we had more kids so after a year we upgraded to a toy hauler and an Ford F250. Wow what a change. Life changed and we had to rent out the RV for a while. After that year and quite a bit of damage to the toy hauler, we decided to trade it in for a fifth wheel we would use just for us. Here we are, on our third RV and pushing towards making our RV dreams come true….

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Join us on our journey of RV life and 4 kids!

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